can now be purchased online through the Eurolink Insurance website.

The only condition is that the vehicle is already registered in the database of the National Insurance Bureau, that is, it has a policy regardless of which insurance company. With the purchased online vehicle registration policy, Eurolink Insurance allows its customers to choose and insure their vehicle against additional risks – glass breakage, accident insurance, and they can also purchase a Green Card, which will be delivered.

The customer receives the purchased automobile liability policy in electronic form at his e-mail address and by printing the copies he can register his vehicle.

At today’s regular 168th session, the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia adopted the opinion of the Ministry of Justice to accept the initiative for an authentic interpretation of Article 11 of the Law on Pardons (“Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia” number 20/1993), submitted by MP Sashko Kostov and Dime Velkovski.

The Law on Pardons was amended in 2009, when Article 11, which contained the possibility of pardons without proceeding, was repealed, according to the opinion of the Ministry of Justice.

According to this opinion

According to this opinion

in March 2016, the Constitutional Court repealed the Law on Amendments and Supplements to the Law on Pardons of 2009, but with the repeal of the Law of 2009, the provision of Article 11 is not reinstated. This means that the President of The Republic did not have, nor does it now have, the legal opportunity to grant a pardon without carrying out a procedure based on that article and therefore all acts of pardoning the President of the State based on Article 11 of the Law on Pardons published in the “Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia” number 20/1993,

Are illegal and as such null and void Eurolink Insurance

Are illegal and as such null and void

At today’s meeting, the Government reviewed and adopted information on the introduction of BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) on the territory of the City of Skopje, which assumes the establishment of corridors reserved exclusively for capacity buses with electric or hybrid drive (gas and electric motors). This system of corridors of the popularly called bus metro will allow a route that is physically separated from the rest of the traffic participants, thus providing much faster and safer transportation, which will make public transportation attractive and an alternative to the use of private vehicles to reduce air pollution.

Ministry of Finance


Ministry of Finance for Reconstruction and Development for support for the preparation of a feasibility study, as well as for the possible options for financing the complete project.

At this session, at the proposal of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, the Government established the Draft Law on pension and disability insurance, which proposes an additional adjustment of pensions, in addition to the regular adjustment of the regulated by Article 37 paragraph (1) and (3) ) from the Law on Pension and Disability Insurance. The additional adjustment depends on the increase of the minimum wage by more than 15% and the increase of the average wage by more than 5%. In this way, the value of the pension is given the opportunity to increase the amount of the pension with the value of the salary, which enables the improvement of the standard of living of the pension beneficiaries.

The government today reviewed and adopted the information on the Youth Guarantee Plan 2020-2022, with a plan to implement it on the territory of the entire country and will be aimed at all young people from the age group of 15 to 29 years who legally reside in the Republic of North Macedonia and are not employed or involved in education or training.

This is the third phase of the implementation of this measure, which in the two pilot phases by region gave excellent results in the youth employment process.

Government Law

The Government of North Macedonia reviewed and adopted the information on the continuation of the existing project for the construction and equipping of sports halls in primary schools, and the rehabilitation of primary and secondary schools for the reconstruction of 30 existing school sports halls in primary and secondary schools and for the equipping of 50 existing school sports halls in primary schools within the framework of the 5th open call of the Investment Framework Instrument for the Western Balkans (WBIF) to the European Commission, no later than 06.12.2019.

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